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Mini-hotel " Fontanka-99 " is a small hotel in the center of St.-Petersburg situated on the coast of the river Fontanka, 10 minutes on foot from the metro station Sennaya Square.

The hotel occupies a ground floor of the house, where at the beginning of 19 century A.I. Olenin, the president of the Academy of Arts, lived. The well-known writers and artists liked to come to this house: Derzhavin, Krylov, Glinka, Bryullov, etc. One of the frequent visitors of the Olenins was A.S. Pushkin; he even asked in marriage to their daughter, Annett, but was refused. It is here where Alexander Sergeevich experienced some wonderful moments of his life, when seeing Anna Kern, Olenins niece.

In immediate proximity the main sights of city are located: Isaakievskaja and Dvortsovaya Squares, Nevsky prospect etc. There are four comfortable numbers with all conveniences in the hotel. There is TV-set, phone, conditioner in each number (photos of their interior are presented on the site).

The continental breakfast is included into the cost of staying as well as tea, coffee, and drinks current in the day. Here you will be met and surrounded with attention and hospitality.

Besides these four numbers, 2 and 3-room numbers as well as luxurious apartments are offered in Nevsky prospect (at the corner of Majakovskogo Street) 10 minutes on foot from Moscovsky railway station. There is convenient furniture, TV-set, music-set, and perfectly equipped kitchen in the apartments (photos of their interior are presented on the site).

                          Having chosen us, you will make the correct choice!

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Saint-Petersburg Fontanka 99 tel/fax +7 (812) 310-47-31 mail@hotel-fontanka.ru
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